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Beta Testing Is Underway!


You heard it right UoStones big open day is tomorrow 8-26-2017! Join us in our beta and help find the bugs so they can be squashed! Everyone that participates in this will be rewarded for there efforts! First week will be a private testing session for the first week! Allowing us to fix any major exploits or bugs so they are not found at a later date!


With the first week staff will set all the testers skills and stats to there desired build type! After the first week of testing there will be a server wipe for all accounts that way if any exploit was found the items can not be carried over to the public betas launch!


Also this will allow us staff a lot of time to fix things and work hand in hand with a handful of players an also get the shard ready for open beta in the mean time!


Once we get to open beta everyone is welcome to join we will run the open beta for a course of 2 -3 months! Everything you do will be saved and carried over to the public launch of the shard! So no wipes will be done! Only reason a wipe will be done on an account is if they 1. Brake rules repeatedly 2. Find an exploit and do not report it! Other then that everything will be saved!


Main reason we will be running the beta for so long is due to the fact we have a lot of polishing work we would like to get done behind the scenes and a lot more content added in and tested by you players that way we can tweak it where we see fit for all of you to enjoy!


Also during beta you will see things change, Example – Land deco might change at any time you might also see things being moved around by staff also as our decoer will be hard at work getting things looking nice and fancy for you all!


You might also see spawns change more mobs added more items added more stealables etc the list could go on and on!


But we will let everyone know what is added in new! At this time we are going to try and get some nice large weekly content packages released for you all! Also setting up some events for you all to do for fun in the mean time!


After we get out of beta we will try to have new content added every week to two! An there will always be a weekly event for you all to enjoy and have fun doing! We will set up a calendar with all of these dates and times of when it will all take place for all your viewing and planning needs!


We hope you have a wonderful time at UoStones and enjoy all the new content that we have to offer you!


Thank you,


Uostones Staff

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