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Public Beta Is Now Open!


Today we open the doors of Ultima Online Stones to the public!

Today will start the 2-3 month public beta with in this time frame we wanna add in alot of content we left out or have half finished and get it done and added in and test by all you players that way we know what all needs work done to it!

Anything you do in the public beta will be saved nothing will be wiped it will all carry over to the official launch!

We are going to leave trammel in so that pvm and pvp mechanics can be tested but housing is not aloud in trammel as it will be shut off come official launch day! So be sure to place and keep all your housing in fel just to be safe!

If you run into anything you feel might be a bug or exploit please post it on the website under the Bug Report section!

Thank you,

UoStones Staff

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