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Fixing Razor Issues
Heamo_GoblinDate: Monday, 2017-07-03, 2:13 AM | Message # 1
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Over the past several weeks I have been noticing people saying that Razor does not work here, well I am here to tell you it does. I have helped quite a few get it up and running successfully so I thought it was time to post up what is needed to fix these issues.

How to fix almost all razor issues, flashing of screens and client crashes using razor:

Razor by default tries to look for UO is the following directory: C:\Program Files\Ultima Online
The installer for UOEX does not put it there so that is one reason that people have issues with it. It is very easy to fix.
In the area marked Client options point razor to your client.exe in your UO folder using the browse button.
In the area marked UO Data Directory point razor to the folder you found the client.exe in using the browse button.
Next make sure the server is set to uostones.us.to and the port is 2593.
Now once you have that click make these settings default and click okay.

If you get a Virtual memory error:

Right click on computer (or my computer) goto properties check to see how much ram you have. If it’s 4GB then you want to set your virtual ram to 3 times the amount of ram. Not 12GB. Here is the formula:
1 GB ram = 1024 MB that times the amount of ram. So 4 GB would be 4 x 1024 = 4096 x 3 =12288.

Now on that window that you opened goto advanced system settings.
Click the settings button then on the advanced tab
Click Change
Uncheck automatically manage paging file if it is checked

In the custom size set both fields to the number you came up with using the above formula then click set and Ok.
You may need to reboot.
UO likes to start in the first 2GB of virtual ram so make sure all running programs are also closed before launching UO. This includes Browsers, other apps that may be running behind the scenes.

Also if you are running windows 7 or 8 you want to make sure that all of your UO programs are running in compatibility mode for Win XP SP3 or SP2 and all are running as administrator. To do this all you have to do is just right click on each Icon on your desktop for those programs (Razor,EasyUO,Steam, Automap, UO) and then click properties. Once it opens click on the Compatibility tab. Make sure run in compatibility mode is checked and select Win XP (either SP3 or SP2) and at the bottom select run as administrator, click OK.

You should be all set!

Please post your responses if this was at all helpful to you.

Forum » COMMUNITY » FAQ's » Fixing Razor Issues (How to fix common razor issues)
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