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Heamo_GoblinDate: Monday, 2017-07-03, 2:26 AM | Message # 1
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Gargoyle Tools

Gargoyle Tools come in three varieties: Gargoyle Pickaxe, Gargoyle Axe, and Gargoyle Knife. Gargoyle Tools work similarly to a prospecting tool with a few differences:
  • You must use the Gargoyle Tool every time on the vein/spot, not just once, to promote the resource type.
  • You risk the chance of spawning an elemental of the promoted resource type.

A Gargoyle Knife will promote the skinned creature's leather drop up a leather type, but certain monsters when skinned will have a range of resource types granted by the gargoyle knife, instead of just promoting the leather type up one.
Gargoyle Tools are gotten either by Crafting BOD Rewards or killing Gargoyles.
  • Gargoyles - 20 Use Pickaxes,Axes,Knifes
  • Gargoyle Destroyers - 20 Use Pickaxes,Axes,Knifes
  • Stone Gargoyles - 20 Use Pickaxes,Axes,Knifes


When you spawn an elemental with the use of Gargoyle Tools, the better the resource type of elemental spawned, the harder the elemental will hit you.Beware: They get tough when you start getting up to Petrified/Platinum/Ethereal Elementals. They can easily one-shot kill the average player. Benefits to harvesting resources with Gargoyle Tools:
  • Ore Elementals drop 25 Ore, and a 5 use Tink/Hammer runic of that ore type.
  • Smelted down to 50 ingots.
  • Wood Elementals drop 50 logs, and a 5 use Fletching runic of that wood type.
  • Leather Elementals drop a 5 use Sewing runic of that leather type.
  • You must skin Leather Elementals to retrieve the 50 leather from them.
  • May be a waste but skinning w/ Garg Knife a Leather Elemental can also potentially summon another Elemental, though it has the drawback of randomizing the leather gained (ie. garg skinning an ethereal elemental does not necessarily yield ethereal leather).
  • Also - skinning using a normal knife in Felucca gives double hides (including elementals), garg skinning gives the normal (Tram) amount regardless of location.

AlohmaDate: Monday, 2017-11-06, 2:01 AM | Message # 2
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Can anyone tell me if there is an Online datatbase or resource site that lists out what Fletching rewards are available for both Large and Small BODS, or just all bods in general for Fletching/Smithing/Tailoring? For example handing in a Fletching LBOD of HeartWood type 20 Exceptional each : Xbow, Heavy Xbow, Repeating Xbow, Bow, Composit Bow, and Yumi?

I assume the OSI database I can find is still more or less correct but not idea what Blaze small vs large bods would give etc in addition to the fletching example above?

Forum » COMMUNITY » FAQ's » Resources (Everything you need to know about resources)
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